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Final Products

Final Products

  1.  PPT about legislation: Spain, Romanian.
  2.  " Senses (Feeling the) Secrets of Pollution": Spain, Romanian.
  3.  Interviews with authorities.
  4. Ecological Code.
  5.  "World Water Day'' (Leaflets): : frontback.
  6. Herbarium: Spanish, Romanian
  7. My favourite place in my country. Spain, Romanian.
  8. Excell Diagrams about energetic power consumption: : Spanish1, Spanish2, Spanish3; Romanian1Romanian2.
  9. Leaflets regarding about the reduction of energetic consumption
  10. '"What if we slept for 100 years"
  11. Hot Terra.
  12. Our latin origin.Spain.Romanian
  13. "World Forest Day".
  14. Natural Orchestra.
  15. "Go, recycle". (Leaflets): frontback. 
  16. Conversational Guide.
  17. Trilingual dictionaryCover of Trilingual dictionary.
  18. Festival of habitat. Spain, Romanian (coast, mountains)

Project Partners


1. Spanish Partner: IES ABDERA from Adra (Almeria).

2. Romanian Partner: LICEUL TEHNOLOGIC "CONSTANTIN BURSAN" from Hunedoara (Hunedoara) 

a) High School description: Spain, Romanian
b) City description: Spain, Romanian 
c) Region description: Spain, Romanian


martes, 27 de mayo de 2014


The project is carried out by two schools from Romania and Spain, on the basis of their common Latin origin and has as purpose identifying the common problems and overcoming social and economic barriers.
Our aims for this project are:
·         To raise the students’ motivation by sustaining their interest in learning foreign languages other than English and French.
·         To promote European citizenship and education for sustainable development and to contribute to a wider opening towards European values.

The aims respond to the fact that nowadays Europe is a society of multicultural diversity, which needs citizens who possess linguistic, social, teamwork abilities, who are well informed, active and open to commitments.

The planned activities for the project will enable students to develop their linguistic abilities in Romanian and Spanish languages, to become aware that sustainable development is part of their present and future, to acquire knowledge regarding the history, culture and traditions of the two countries, thus reducing xenophobia and discrimination to the minimum and promoting tolerance to other cultures, lifestyles, sets of values.

The project also aims at educating not only students, but the whole school’s staff in the environmental protection domain, rational usage of energetic resources and to involve them in voluntary actions in the community. As a result, the two schools will become known in the community, will gain prestige and will consolidate their European dimension in school education.

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martes, 9 de julio de 2013

Literatura comparada: Cervantes vs Creanga.

Este fue el material que se utilizó en la clase de Lengua Castellana y Literatura donde se compararon a Miguel de Cervantes y a Ion Creanga.